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Italy: First migrant bird protection camp of 2011 has begun
Pubblicato da Piero il 06/04/2011 alle 13:53:04, in anti caccia, letto 3259 volte

CABS teams active on the Italian Pontine Island of Ponza in the Tyrrhenian Sea (01.04.2011)

The first migrant bird protection camp of 2011 began today 1 April. Italian CABS members and their colleagues from our partner organisation LAC will conduct anti-poaching operations on the small Mediterranean island until 15 May. Their aim is to curb migrant poaching with snap traps that are used to catch above all Robins, Wheatears and Redstarts. In addition the teams will occupy popular hunting areas before dawn and thus prevent the illegal shooting of Turtle Dove, Quail and other migrant species. The operation is planned and conducted in close cooperation with the responsible law enforcement agencies.

More information on our spring camps on the south Italian islands can be found here